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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Find Healing Opportunities

I use specific lab tests and your unique health history to find opportunities to heal your body safely, effectively, and naturally

Treat the body not the symptoms
Your symptoms are just signs that something is wrong. Treating the symptoms may give you short term relief, but you must find and heal the body, only then will the symptoms go away
Achieve Optimal Health

Reaching your optimal health requires work on your part, but it is well worth it. It could take 6 weeks it could take 12 months. Each person is unique and depending on what is happening in your body, and the length of time you've been having issues determines the amount of time it takes to heal

D.R.E.S.S for HEalth succesS

  • Diet. Identify the right foods for YOU to help you heal your gut and regain optimal health
  • Rest. Without good, consistent sleep habits your body will never be at its best
  • Exercise. Everyone knows you need to work out, but too much or the wrong kind will make things worse
  • Stress Reduction. Too much stress, of any kind, including too much exercise, wrecks havoc with your cortisol levels. This in turn lowers your sex hormones and causes a cascade effect in your body
  • Supplementation. Proper supplementation to help return your body to a balanced, optimized state

All Programs Include

Specialized Lab tests including food sensitivity
Exercise Programs Designed for You
Nutrition Plans 
Stress Reduction methods
Improve your Sleep habits
supplements - support, Stimulate, Substitute
In-depth INtake Forms
Multiple Follow Up Sessions

Schedule a Free ConsulTation Call

I look at everything and help you help yourself. Even many "Functional" or "Integrative" Health practitioners treat the symptoms and never really go after the underlying causes of your dis-ease.

You go to your regular doctor with complaints that may point to a thyroid problem. He or she runs a TSH lab, which shows normal or maybe a little low and you're told you're fine, but you feel worse as the days and months go by.

You seek out a Functional Medicine practitioner and they run more labs and see your T3 is low so they give you some thyroid meds and that helps for a while, but guess what...they didn't look at your body as a whole, They treated the symptoms and the labs without finding out more about WHY your T3 was low.

You'll find that after a while it could be months, it could be a year or two, that you start experiencing the same, or worse symptoms and you have to keep adjusting your thyroid meds. Your weight goes up and it won;t come down no matter how much you exercise or diet.

I approach things differently. Sure your labs may come back with TSH high, T4 low and T3 very low, but I want to know why this is happening. Is your body not signalling the thryoid to produce the hormones? Is the body blocking the uptake of the hormones into the cells? Are you nutritionally deficient? There are a LOT of reasons why your thyroid appears to be malfunctioning. It may not really be your thyroid at all. Low thyroid function can be caused by stress, by poor diet or by not being able to absorb nutrients from the food you are eating.

If you want to optimize your health instead of treating the symptoms, contact me now and setup your initial consultation. In person or via Zoom, whatever is convenient for you

Stop Chasing Symptoms!

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