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Partners in Health

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What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative health is a state of well-being in body, mind and spirit that reflects aspects of the individual, community, and population. It is affected by 1) individual biological factors and behaviors, social values, and public policy, 2) the physical, social, and economic environment, and 3) an integrative health care system that involves the active participation of the individual in the health care team in applying a broad spectrum of preventive and therapeutic approaches. Integrative medicine encourages individuals, social groups, and communities to develop ways of living that promote meaning, resilience and well-being across the life course.

At Louisville Integrative Health we believe that getting and staying healthy requires a multi-faceted approach. Our approach combines modern medicine, food, exercise, stress reduction, sleep, supplements and prescriptions, when necessary, and a partnership with our clients to deliver a well-rounded approach to health and wellness.

Partners in Health

By partnering with you, we take into account not only your health history but your background, upbringing, nutrition, exercise, and stress levels, to develop a plan to optimize your health.

Our goal is to help you find the root cause of any existing health issues. Once we've identified the root cause we will put together a program designed specifically for you that will help you return to health. We use comprehensive lab tests to dig deep and make our recommendations for nutrition, supplements, exercise etc. based off those labs.

If you are suffering from: 

  • strange rashes
  • hair loss
  • low libido
  • tired all the time
  • restlessness
  • brittle nails
  • poor sleep
  • brain fog
  • stomach or intestinal issues
  • other symptoms that never seem to go away

We will work with you to get to the bottom of your symptoms and treat the actual cause.

Have you had your thyroid levels or hormone levels checked only to be told they were normal, but a little low.

This is the typical response most doctors will give you if your lab work is in the "normal" range. However, for optimal health, your hormones and other markers need to be in the range that will help you to feel your best.

Each of us is biochemically unique, and what is normal for one person may be too low or too high for someone else. 

You are unique and our approach is to create a plan with you that is designed specifically for you and no one else.

We optimize hormone levels so that you feel your best, unlike some places that give you the maximum amount they can and other places who tell you that you are in the "normal" range and won't help you at all.

Biochemical research of blood, lab assistant doing microbiological analysis

Nutrition = Health

If you are making poor food choices; eating a lot of fast food or junk food, your health will suffer and you may find yourself with a lot of weird symptoms and no apparent cause. Cleaning up your diet in many cases will clear up a lot of health issues. But when it doesn't we may recommend supplements or prescriptions to help with healing your body.

Your weight = Food Quantity. eat too much you gain weight, Eat too little lose muscle. Eat just right maintain your current weight

Body Fat and Health = Food QUALITY. The quality of your food is reflected in your body fat levels and is vitally important for your health.

Exercise = Fitness = Vitality and Strength.

By exercise we mean resistance or strength training, not aerobics or mind-numbing hours on a treadmill. Strength training makes you stronger and being strong allows you to be and stay active as you get older.

Many studies have shown that even in seniors who never exercised before, lifting weights makes them stronger, healthier, gives them more energy, and improves balance which lessens the chances of falling.

Strength training increases bone density as well, so if you do fall you will be less likely to break a bone.


Good, deep tissue massage helps stimulate recovery, moves fresh blood through the body, and helps drain and restore the lymphatic system (it's responsible for getting rid of bacteria and viruses from our bodies). Massage helps you recover from workouts or playing with your kids or grandkids.

If you find yourself always stiff and sore even if you haven't worked out, you need a massage to help get your muscles loosened up and moving smoothly again. 

Cheryl  has been a Massage Therapist since 2002 and has helped hundreds of people feel better. She takes time before the session to talk with you about your aches and pains and focuses her energy on the areas that are causing you the most discomfort.

At Louisville Integrative Health we use all of these modalities to design a wellness program specifically for you to help you regain your health in a safe an effective way and teach you how to stay that way.

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